Music for Homemade Instruments

If you're building one of my 8-note homemade musical instruments, this page is for you!  It includes sheet music and practice tracks that work for all of the instruments: Melodic Tube Drums, Panpipes, Didgeritubes, Tubular Glockenspiel, Water Bottle Xylophone, and Fraction Tubes.  No matter what instrument you choose to make, they all play in the same key, so you can play them together to form a homemade instrument band!


Sheet Music

The sheet music for all of the songs is at Songs for Homemade Instruments by Phil Tulga.pdf.


Practice Tracks

To practice each song with a piano, press the play button  .  To adjust the tempo (faster/slower) press the three dots options menu .


Track 1: Scale


Track 2: When the Saints Go Marching In


Track 3: Lightly Row


Track 4: Ode to Joy


Track 5: Matarile


Track 6: Tue Tue


Track 7: Song of the Dragon


Track 8: Home on the Range


Track 9: Hot Cross Buns (duet)


Track 10: Mary Had a Little Lamb (duet)


Track 11: Jingle Bells (duet)


Track 12: Jolly Old St. Nicholas (duet)


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