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Tone Synthesizer
- playing frequencies and musical pitches -

The Tone Synthesizer activity allows you to select and play frequencies and musical pitches with your computer.  To begin, simply press on the piano keyboard below.  If you want to play a specific frequency or pitch, just type it in and press PLAY.  You can also change timbre by selecting four different wave forms, i.e., Sine, Square, Triangle, and Saw.  Lastly, you can select three three different pitch or frequency ranges:

88-Key Piano: This mode allows you to play the full range of an 88-key grand piano.  Note, with this range selected, you can also play notes by pressing on the slider bar it can also be dragged left and right to produce a Theremin effect!

20-20,000 Hz: This mode covers the entire range of human hearing, i.e., 20-20,000 Hertz (cycles per second).  Since most computer speakers are unable to reproduce this broad spectrum, you might need to connect your computer to your home stereo system in order to hear the highest and lowest frequencies. 

Songs (24 keys): This mode turns your computer keyboard into a piano!  You can play all of the notes in a two octave chromatic scale by pressing on piano keys, or notes on the staff, or keys on your computer keyboard.  To get you started, we've also included some songs for you to play! 

Technical Note: You must have Adobe Flash Player 6 for this activity to work.  If you don't have it, you may obtain this free download from Adobe at: It also requires Java 1.2 to load and run correctly. If you don't hear any sound, please update your Java (for free) at the Oracle website. Please go to and click on "Free Java Download".


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