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Welcome to my Morse Code Music page!  You'll see a video on how to make music with Morse Code.  You'll also learn how to translate Morse Code into musical notation, and how to use multimedia activities that integrate Morse Code with other areas of the curriculum!  So, take a couple of minutes and learn more about Morse Code and the wonderful connections we can make between language and music.

Morse Code Music Video

In this video, you'll visit the Voyager spacecraft and experience images and languages on NASA's Golden Record. You'll also make a homemade musical instrument and join Phil in playing his Morse Code Mambo song!

Translating Morse Code into Musical Notation

With International Morse Code, each letter of the alphabet is represented by short and long sounds called dots and dashes. 

Each dot, or short sound, will be played as an eighth note.
. dot short sound eighth note

Each dash, or long sound, will be played as a quarter note.
- dash long sound quarter note

Between each letter, there will be an eighth rest.

Each rhythm will be played in 4/4 time: four counts to a measure, with the quarter note getting one count.
time signature


Learn how to make music with Morse Code letters and words.
"Morse Code Mambo" lesson plan and group activity

Play Morse Code words with Phil's free multimedia activities.

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