Journey through the Mind
– brain science, mindfulness, and social/emotional skills –

This program is not being offered at this time. Please see Phil's new indoor/outdoor presentations: Moving in Rhythm, Musical Math, and Math and Mariachi.

Phil uses Hoberman Spheres to guide the students in breathing exercises.

– Journey through the Mind –

Phil’s dynamic new assembly presentation explores the inner workings of the human mind, showing students how to optimize their learning and reinforce positive social behaviors at school.

Phil begins the presentation with an entertaining musical overview of the brain. After that, he journeys into each area of the brain, focusing on vision, hearing, reasoning, emotions, memory and movement. At each stop along the way, he leads the students in a series of fun activities on imagination, patterns, and memory – connecting their knowledge of the brain with their sense of discovery.

A highlight of the program is when Phil and the students use their imagination to travel beyond the solar system on the Voyager spacecraft! Between each section, Phil shows the students his musical mindfulness breathing exercises for emotional balance, focused listening, and successful learning.

At the end of the program, Phil shows the students and teachers his favorite mobile apps for exploring this subject further. In addition, he gives your teachers a free downloadable CD with all of his musical mindfulness activities for their classrooms!

– Reading in Rhythm –

Get ready to move on this one! Reading in Rhythm begins with an entertaining exploration of the rhythms of language through shared reading, movement, and a variety of Caribbean, African, and Latin American instruments.

A highlight of the program is when Phil teaches the kids how students in Ghana use meter, verse, and rhythm to communicate phrases effectively in their language, called Twi.

At the family night, your kids learn how students in Ghana speak and drum phrases in their language.

Your students learn how to pronounce Twi phrases with proper expression and intonation, and then see and hear how these phrases are integrated in schools throughout Ghana. For more on this, please visit: Drum Language in Ghanaian Schools.

Next, the students make their own Peruvian rain sticks, African stamping tubes, and Latin American guiros. After everyone finishes, we all join together for a dynamic concert of rhythm and shared reading.

Lastly, Phil covers the major elements of how parents can read with their children, and encourage their children to read, through a number of helpful handouts and displays based on Jim Trelease’s classic, The Read-Aloud Handbook.



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