Virtual Assemblies
– broadcast live from Phil's studio –

This fall, I'm offering interactive Virtual Assembly presentations to your school. I'm featuring five of my favorite programs in a slightly shorter format (35 minutes), more scheduling flexibility, and reduced pricing that starts at $350 for the fall semester. Please see below or click here for a detailed flyer.

Reading for Meaning
– comprehension strategies –

Reading for Meaning features the classic Rudyard Kipling tale about how the elephant got its trunk - complete with African drums, interactive questions, and think-aloud games. Phil also tells sound stories, made up entirely of sound effects. As the students listen to thunderstorms, barking dogs, and race cars, they learn to connect their knowledge of sequence, inference, and prediction, to the sounds in their world. Lastly, Phil shares his favorite reading comprehension games.


Math, Science and Technology
– energy and fractions –

Phil's dynamic presentation on Math, Science and Technology integrates hands-on experiments, mobile apps, and a fun collection of technology tools. Using a sound cannon, he shows how mechanical energy moves the air to make sound.  He also demonstrates how energy can be converted into multiple forms by transmitting sound over a beam of light using a flashlight and a solar cell. Finally, he shows how energy forms equivalent fractions on musical instruments and with our voices.


Journey through the Mind
– mindfulness, imagination and active listening games –

In Journey through the Mind, Phil begins with an entertaining musical exploration of the brain, focusing on vision, hearing, emotions, memory, and movement. Then he leads the kids through a series of fun activities on imagination, patterns, and memory games. A highlight is when they use their imagination to travel beyond the solar system on the Voyager spacecraft! Throughout the program, Phil shows the students his mindfulness breathing exercises for emotional balance, focused listening, and successful learning.  
Aztec Rhythms
– pie fractions, equivalency, and syllables –

In Aztec Rhythms, your students participate in an Aztec percussion group and perform musical phrases written in Nahuatl (pronounced naw-wa-tul), the language of the Aztecs. But first, they learn how musical rhythms are based on equivalent fractions—from traditional Mariachi folk songs from Mexico, to popular selections by Los Lobos and Carlos Santana. After that, they learn how Aztec drummers used syllables to communicate rhythms, and then clap those rhythms with indigenous melodies from ancient Mexico!
Math Fluency with West African Rhythms
– patterns, math facts, and fractions of length –

Phil uses West African drum rhythms to teach and reinforce math facts: doubles & doubles + 1, skip counting, and multiplication. He begins by showing the students how to clap their math facts with hand drum rhythms from West Africa (Phil offers separate primary and intermediate presentations with appropriate grade-level content). Then he shows how the same fractions of length are used to make music in Indonesia, Mexico, Ghana, and the Caribbean! Finally, Phil gives your teachers and students a free downloadable CD with all of his math facts tracks to practice at home and school.


How to schedule a Virtual Assembly.


Virtual Assembly Pricing for Fall Semester 2020
  • $350 for one 35-minute assembly
  • $550 for two 35-minute assemblies
  • $700 for three 35-minute assemblies
  • $850 for four 35-minute assemblies


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