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Welcome to my page on inference riddles.  It includes my free Inference Riddle Game that you can play right now on your computer.  You will also find information on my expanded activity featuring 101 Inference Riddles .  If you already have access to the expanded activity, please click here!


Inference Riddle Game

Successful readers make guesses based on what they read and what they already know. The object of this game is to infer what is being described by the clues you read.

1) Press the "Show a Clue" button below.   Notice that the clue is describing someone or something. 

2) Press it again to read another clue.   

3) When you think you have figured out what is being described, type it in the "Make a Guess" box and press "Check!".

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101 Inference Riddles

Phil and his son, David, have developed an expanded version of their popular Inference Riddle Game.  It is designed to provide students with a fun and engaging activity to practice inference and prediction at a variety of skill levels. If you already have access to the expanded activity, please click here!


Riddles are an excellent way to practice interpreting figurative language, idioms, and homographs. Yet, for many students, this interpretive process can be hard to grasp, particularly if they are working with difficult material before they are ready.

In the “101 Inference Riddles” activity, your students progress through a graduated sequence of riddles, with riddle #1 being the easiest, and riddle #101 being the most difficult. They are gently introduced to similes, metaphors, homographs, and idioms, and are provided multiple clues to guide them as they practice and reinforce their interpretive skills. Through this process, your students are able to work at a level that is appropriate for them, and develop confidence making inferences and predictions.

“101 Inference Riddles” is a web-based application that is available to use on your computer, smartphone or mobile device. After purchase, you simply enter your email address to use the activity, wherever you are!

To purchase individual access to the “101 Inference Riddles” web activity, click the “Buy Now” button below.  To purchase a site license, please click here.




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