Musical Math!
– outdoor in-person programs featuring world music and social emotional learning –

Phil and the students play and say their math facts with drum rhythms from around the world.

– Musical Math –
Phil uses world drum rhythms to teach and reinforce math facts: doubles & doubles + 1, skip counting, and multiplication.

He begins by showing the students how to clap their math facts with drum rhythms from Latin America (Phil offers separate primary and intermediate presentations with appropriate grade-level content).

Using popular Boomwhacker tubes and his Indonesian xylophone, Phil shows how the same fractions of length are used to make music in Indonesia, Mexico, China, Ghana, and the Caribbean!

Throughout the program, Phil also shows students his mindfulness breathing exercises for emotional balance, focused listening, and successful learning.

Finally, Phil gives your teachers and students a free downloadable CD with all of his math facts tracks to practice at home and school.

– Rhythm and Math Night –

At the Rhythm and Math family night, the kids learn how to make musical instruments with geometric shapes and fractions, and apply their knowledge to build origami poppers and tube drums. (See Phil's YouTube video on how to make an origami popper - bottom right).

Then, they join together to form a giant drum circle featuring rhythms from West Africa, Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia!

Phil shows how to make an origami popper for the family night.

Assemblies are $800 for two 45-minute presentations within a 2-hour timeframe. 

Family Activity Nights are $800 for one 2-hour presentation. 

Assembly/Family Night combinations are $200 off—now only $1,400.

There is an additional travel charge for schools more than 1 hour from downtown Sacramento, California.

Phil includes his follow-up activities on creating musical math using Unifix Cubes and fractions.

Unifix Cube Drum Machine
Musical Fraction Tubes


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