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– Math, Science & Technology –
Phil’s dynamic new presentation on math, science and technology integrates hands-on experiments and multimedia tools that make learning fun and engaging!

Phil uses a giant vibrating string to demonstrate equivalence of fractions, and then shows students how to compare fractions based on their size. He also measures and records sounds in the MP room using his iPad, and creates patterns to make an entertaining musical composition with the students!
Phil shows how energy and matter can be converted into multiple forms.  Using a FOSS sound cannon, he demonstrates how motion and mechanical energy is converted into sound.  Next, he shows how sound is transmitted over a beam of light using a flashlight and a solar cell!  After that, he focuses on electricity and simple circuits.  A highlight of the presentation is when several student volunteers join hands to make an electrical circuit that plays music!
Phil uses technology tools that enhance the learning of core subjects.  During his presentation, he incorporates sound and graphics in a multimedia format.  He also features inexpensive apps that work on an iPad and are readily available.  Lastly, Phil has created a large collection of multimedia web activities for your students to use as a follow-up to this program!

– Math and Science Night –

Invite your families back for a fun and entertaining musical presentation on the math and science.

Phil guides everyone through an enriching series of hands-on FOSS experiments and Exploratorium displays

Then, the students apply their knowledge by making rhythm and string instruments and joining together for an exciting concert featuring Dragon Dance Drumming from China!


The kids perform a Chinese Dragon Dance with their rhythm instruments.



Assemblies are $725 for two 50-minute presentations within a 2-hour timeframe. 

Family Activity Nights are $725 for one 2-hour presentation. 

Assembly/Family Night combinations are $200 off—now only $1250.

In-Class Field trips are $550 for 2-3 classes in a 2-hour timeframe. 

There is an additional travel charge for schools more than 1 hour from downtown Sacramento, California.


The following multimedia activities relate to this program:

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